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Diabetes is a metabolic disease resulting from either the body's failure to produce insulin (type 1 aka juvenile diabetes) or the body's failure to use insulin properly (type 2 aka adult-onset diabetes).

A diabetic's blood sugar can rise to problematic – and even dangerous – levels. Diabetes is treated with insulin injections and/or by following a diet that keeps blood sugar levels as steady as possible.

A diabetic diet follows similar principles to a standard healthy diet. It recommends plenty of vegetables and favours soft vegetable fats instead of hard animal fats. Products rich in soluble fibre are also good for diabetics.

Fazer product suitability

Wholegrain products boast a large nutritional density in relation to their energy content, that is, bread gives you not only energy, but also essential fibre, vitamins and minerals. Fibre-rich rye and wholegrain breads are an ideal choice for diabetics. You'll find the best choices in our Heart Symbol range.
The nutritional information on our packaging gives the source of the sugars contained in Fazer bread. These sugars come from either the natural sugar found within the grain, or flavourings, such as refined sugar, syrup or malt. Bread containing these flavourings (sugar, syrup or malt) is not automatically unsuitable for diabetics.
In the markings on bread packages, you can conveniently check the total amount of carbohydrates in each portion (e.g. a slice).

Baked goods
Diabetics can consume some sucrose, that is, regular sugar. The most important thing for diabetics to be aware of is their total daily carbohydrate intake, which they can allocate as desired. Diabetics can enjoy buns or other low-fat baked goods that contain regular sugar, but only in moderate amounts. Fazer also offers coffee breads flavoured with fructose.
Check out the baked goods in our Heart Symbol range here.

Not even confectionery is off limits to diabetics, even though it contains relatively large amounts of sugar. It's the total daily carbohydrate intake that matters most, and diabetic confectionery portions are usually quite small. Fazer also offers sugar-free confectionery. Instead of sugar, it contains sugar alcohols (polyols), such as xylitol.

Read more about diabetes here www.diabetes.fi