Check out the favourite lunch food survey's results!

We all have our own  favourite food. It smells, looks, and tastes just like your favourite food should. It can be something you've liked since childhood, or something you have learned to like more recently. We made it our business to find out the favourite lunches of the visitors of, and we arranged a survey on the website between 19 and 29 January 2015. The participants also took part in a raffle of 5 Amica gift vouchers, each worth EUR 20. The survey mentioned some favourite lunch alternatives which have ranked well in earlier favourite food surveys at Amica restaurants. Additionally, the participants could name some other favourite lunch option.

The survey was very popular, and we received more than 2,800 answers from all around Finland. The votes spread extremely evenly between the given alternatives, and we received several other alternatives.

The TOP 5 includes the following favourite lunches:

1. Lasagne

2. Tortillas

3. Salmon soup

4. Meatballs and mashed potato

5. Fried vendace

The participants mentioned the following lunches most often when giving their own alternatives:

  • Chicken Kiev
  • Stuffed cabbage rolls (both meat and vegetarian versions)
  • Different salmon dishes
  • Spinach soup and spinach pancakes
  • Oven-baked sausage


All these dishes are among the classic, favourite lunches offered at Amica restaurants. Amica restaurants invest in the quality and taste of food, which shows for example in our customer satisfaction surveys. It is important for us to offer our customers delicious home-made food, prepared by chefs at our kitchens.

All the participants took part in a raffle of 5 Amica gift vouchers, each worth EUR 20. The vouchers can be redeemed at any Amica restaurant. The winners have been notified in person, and the vouchers have been mailed to them. Congratulations to the winners!