The Consumers’ Union of Finland celebrates the national Food Wastage Week on 7–13 September 2015. During the week, partners unite in raising awareness on different food wastage-related topics. Fazer Group is in – in both word and deed. 

Amica restaurants participate by measuring plate waste every day of the week. We weigh daily the amount of food from plates ending up in the restaurant’s organic waste bin and post the previous day’s figure on the restaurant’s bulletin board.

Global food production is a growing environmental problem. The majority of the environmental load caused by food production results from food waste, because discarded food means the energy required for cultivating and producing it has been for nothing. We want to make a difference and reduce our food-related environmental load!


Did you know?

  • On average, the amount of food thrown away by every person living in Finland is about 24 kg and worth €125 every year. This is about six per cent of all food purchased by consumers (Food Spill 2013 study by MTT Agrifood Research Finland).
  • The environmental impact of food wastage is clearly more significant than that caused by package manufacturing and waste management.
  • Reducing food wastage is an environmental good deed. When edible food is wasted, the raw materials, input and energy used in its production are also wasted, causing the greenhouse gases and emissions that accelerate eutrophication to have been generated for nothing.
  • Natural resources can be saved significantly by reducing food wastage. A decrease in food waste affects not only its direct environmental impact, but also the emissions caused by the production of food.

Tips to reduce food wastage

  • The easiest way to reduce food wastage is to start with your own plate – only take as much food as you can eat and finish your plate.
  • Instead of separate plates for salad and the main dish, use only one large plate for everything. This helps you to put together a healthy “Eatwell Plate” as recommended by nutritionists and makes it easier to take only as much food as you can eat. It is also an easy way to have enough fruit and vegetables.
  • When you eat a nutritious lunch, you will not be hungry when you go to the grocery store after your working day, and you will not buy too much food for home.
  • If there are leftovers after your meeting, use them to surprise your colleagues.
  • Buy a healthy afternoon snack or coffee at the restaurant. This way, you won’t be too hungry when you go to shop for food after work, and it is easier to avoid buying too much.
  • Buy takeaway meals from Amica restaurants and take home just the right amount of tasty, home-cooked food for all the family. No leftovers – no food waste!
  • In Finland, we throw away 21 million kilograms of self-prepared food every year. The most common reason for throwing food away is that more food was prepared than consumed.
  • Give feedback to the restaurant staff – as a result, they can plan the menu according to their customers' requests.

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