Decorating Easter eggs is fun and easy. Many ingredients from your kitchen cupboard or freezer will produce beautiful colours.

Follow these instructions to create beautiful decorated Easter eggs at home

Put the eggs in cold water with the colourant of your choice. Boil for 10–20 minutes. Let the eggs cool in the water.

These foods produce beautiful colours
  • To make brown eggs, you need onion peel, coffee (ground or instant) or tea.
  • To make yellow eggs, you need curry powder or turmeric.
  • To make pink eggs, you need beet juice, beetroot peel, raspberries or lingonberries.
  • To make ochre eggs, you need red onion peel.
  • To make blue-grey eggs, you need bilberries.
Patterned eggs
  • You can create dots by dipping the egg in water and rolling it in rice. Wrap the egg tightly in foil with the rice stuck to its surface. Boil in water with the colourant of your choice.
  • You can create stripes by wrapping the egg with cotton or woollen yarn that bleeds colour around the egg.

Have fun and be creative!