Karl Fazer came up with the idea for the Mignon egg while on a business trip to Germany. He started to manufacture these chocolate eggs, which were to become a classic of the Finnish Easter tradition, at his factory back in 1896. 

The timeless, hand-made Mignon egg still tastes almost the same as it did 118 years ago. Mignon eggs are manufactured at Fazer's factory in Vantaa according to a traditional recipe. Every year, Mignon eggs are produced for three to four months starting from November.

This favourite Easter egg has been loved by Finns from generation to generation. Mignon is the second oldest product in Fazer's current range of sweets. The oldest, Pihlaja, was launched only a year earlier.

Also enjoyed by the Russian tsars, this Easter treat continues to be one of the most widely sold Easter eggs in Finland. About 1.5 million Mignon eggs will be manufactured this year, too. In addition to being enjoyed for their taste, Mignon eggs are usually decorated at Easter.

Lactose-free Mignon eggs have a genuine egg shell that conceals almond and nut nougat chocolate. Each Mignon egg weighs 52 grams.

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