File description

1.    Controller

Fazer Food Services Oy
Laulukuja 6
Po. Box 37
00421 Helsinki

Business ID 0873697-9

Contact: Heidi Saarinen, email

2.    Name of register

Favourite Lunch Survey Raffle participant register

Preparation date 16 January 2015

3.    Purpose of the use of the registry

Raffle for the Favourite Lunch Survey

4.    Use of the register

This registry will be used to implement and manage the Favourite Lunch Survey Raffle, and in delivering the prizes.

5.    Sources of information and content of the registry

The information in the registry is provided personally by the individuals being registered.

The register may include the following information:

  • name or pseudonym
  • e-mail address
  • Contact details, such as address and telephone number
  • Age of participant
  • Consent to direct marketing

Personal data may be disclosed in the name of the controller to perform direct marketing only with the express consent of the registered.

6.    Disclosure

Information in the register will not, as a rule, be disclosed to third parties. Information will not be transferred outside the EU or EEA.

Information may be handled by third parties to whom the information may be transferred in the name of the controller.

7.    Rights of the subjects of the register

Subjects have the right to verify the information about them that has been saved in the register, or that the register does not include any information about them.

Information requests can be made by sending a written and signed request to the controller's representative or by requesting the information personally at the controller's stated address.

If there are errors in the registered information, the registered person may present a correction request to the controller's representative.

8.    Security of the register data

The system which contains participants' personal information may only be accessed by employees who have a work-related right to handle this information. Each user has a username and password for the system.

Information is collected in databases that are protected using firewalls, passwords and other technical means. The databases and their backup copies are located in a locked space where information may only be accessed by specific persons appointed in advance. The servers have strong security.