Amica mead scored the best points in Iltalehti newspaper's mead test, which compared six different meads. According to the Iltalehti jury Amica mead tastes like real homemade mead!

The Iltalehti jury described the mead as follows: bubbly, sweet, cloudy. All elements of mead included and well balanced. Extra credit for raisins. Score 4.5/5.

Amica mead is hand-made in our restaurants in the traditional way

“Amica mead is hand-made in our restaurants in the traditional way. We prepare Amica mead the same way we do it at home: first we peel the lemons and boil some water and brown sugar. The mead is bottled with raisins, and then we allow the yeast to ferment. That is why it has the traditional flavour people have known since their childhoods”, explains Marianne Nordblom, gastronomy and product development director at Fazer Food Services.

Make sure you get your own bottle – this well-loved mead is very popular!

Homemade mead is part of the annual May Day celebrations, and it is one of the most popular seasonal takeaway products sold at Amica restaurants. That is why Amica employees start to prepare it well in advance every year. Amica mead sells out everywhere in Finland by the morning of 30 April, so make sure you get your bottle in time!