We prepare scarily good delicacies in our restaurants for Halloween parties. You won't find these products anywhere else!

Customizable Halloween bun

Now you can create your own buns also for Halloween! There's whipped cream, strawberry jam and liquorice sauce to choose from. You get the tastiest sweet buns when choosing your own filling, so be creative!

Cobweb Cake

A delicious carrot cake iced with cream cheese and liquorice stripes. Cobweb Cake is the most popular Halloween delicacy from our selection.

Chilli-Chocolate Cake

Dark chocolate, chilli and delicious biscuits at the bottom of the cake are a delight for your taste buds.

Monster Muffins

Monster Muffins are made with chocolaty muffin dough. They have a Tyrkisk Peber heart.

Note! The Halloween selection varies by restaurant. Check availability with your Amica restaurant.