All things scary are allowed in Halloween catering.

The ingredients of the dishes can be, for instance, black items like black pasta, aubergine, blueberries or black coloured drinks. Tomato sauce, beetroot and lingonberries are red as blood. With food colouring, you can make ordinary food look different without changing its taste.

Sausage fingers with almond nails are traditional creepy foods as well as dishes with blue cheese. Pastries and desserts are decorated with cobwebs made of melted chocolate and liquorice sauce. In addition, you can give scary names to dishes.

Traditionally, dishes made of pumpkin are served on Halloween in the United States. Round pumpkins are carved and used as lanterns. The flesh inside is turned into soups, muffins, bread and pies. It is recommended to use winter pumpkins with darker flesh for baking. The bigger the pumpkin, the less taste it has.

If freaky food and pumpkins aren't your cup of tea, you can also serve other appetizers or finger food on Halloween.