In Amica restaurants, one day in September has been given the theme Lunch with chefs. On that day, we will highlight our skilled chefs out to meet our customers, giving our lunch guests the opportunity to meet the people who prepare their meals every day. 

Approximately 900 dedicated chefs work in Amica restaurants, and they prepare more than 100,000 meals every day. They make delicious food in day-care centres, schools, universities and staff restaurants. In addition, they conjure up meals for entertainment events. Their handiwork is also visible in seasonal banquet catering and takeaway foods.

On the theme day, new taste sensations will be created in the kitchens. The dishes have been chosen to allow the chefs to mingle with the guests during lunch hours.

Note! The theme day will not be held in all Amica restaurants. Follow the information at your local restaurant or ask the staff!