We are updating the product specifications of our food; allergens are in block letters, e.g. HAZELNUT. In menus and product specifications, we also use the letter A to indicate food containing common allergens. 

As the updating is still in progress, it is possible that the restaurant website or the information provided in the restaurant is missing the letter A or all allergens are not yet written in block letters. However, all the ingredients used in the food are included in the product specification.

To those with a special diet, the safest option is to carefully read the product specification, and not just check whether the letter A is in the menu or product specification. You can also check the ingredients with the staff members.

At restaurants, the product specifications are located next to the lunch line or cash desk. If you are unable to find the product specification, contact our personnel.

We apologise for any inconvenience this may cause to you and our goal is to complete the updating as soon as possible.

Additional information:
Leila Fogelholm
Product Development, Fazer Food Services