Estimating the appropriate amount of food can be difficult when planning for special occasions. How wide a variety should you serve? How can you make sure that there is enough food, but not too much? How should you take account of the number of guests?

The rule of thumb is: the wider the variety of the foods you will be serving, the smaller amount of each food you need per guest. You should also consider who you will be serving food: a group of hungry people who just helped you move, burly men, delicate ladies, children or a sophisticated dinner party? Fifty people or just a few friends? You should always reserve a little more food than you think will be needed. You can freeze the leftovers. They will make your daily meals a little more special.

Tips for planning amounts of food for special occasions

Toast                                                                             1.25 dl per person. One bottle of sparkling wine equals approximately six glasses.
Wine  1–3 glasses/person, depending on the food
Coffee cake, round    25–30 slices
Swiss roll      15–20 slices
Oven-baked pie   25–30 slices
Round pie (diameter 26 cm)  8–16 slices
Biscuits  1 biscuit/sort/person
Cocktail bites 3–6/person
Side salad for e.g. a savoury pie  100–150 g/person

5 dl of sweet bun dough will produce approximately:

  • 2 sweet bun loaves (25 slices each)
  • 1 festive sweet bun loaf (50 slices)
  • 40–45 small sweet buns

5 dl of bread or roll dough will produce approximately:

  • 2 round, long or casserole breads
  • 25–30 rolls
  • 3 baguettes

If some of your delicacies are particularly tasty, the guests may consume more than you thought they would. For this reason, you should have a few reserve products, just in case. Olives, tinned artichoke hearts, sun-dried tomatoes and cheese make for delicious cocktail bites in a matter of moments. Explore our recipes for more tips.