Baker opens the front door at six in the morning. He is usually the first to arrive. The dough is prepared on the previous day, to allow it to rise and rest for a sufficiently long period of time. 

In Amica -restaurants there is bakers who bake every morning fresh breads to customers. We interviewed one of our baker to tell about the day.

He starts the day by baking sweet buns and white and dark bread for lunch. Then he bakes pastries ordered for various events and meetings to be held later on the same day. On some days, the list of orders may include a hundred biscuits, dozens of Swiss rolls or a festive sandwich cake. Before public holidays, he bakes seasonal delicacies for customers to take away. He might bake 70–100 loaves of bread.

“Fresh bread is an asset for a restaurant. The demand is high, even for take away. It is nice to hear customers say that they enjoy having lunch here because the bread is so good. That is when you know that you have succeeded.”

What is the secret of perfect bread?

“It’s important to measure the ingredients correctly. Thorough kneading is important as well. The dough must be allowed to rest in the fridge for a sufficiently long time. This gives it a good taste. In rye bread, good leaven is crucial,” says interviewee.

His favourite recipe is cheese-flavoured rolls, which are easy to make at home. You will need:

5 dl water
2 tsp salt
1 tsp sugar
30 g yeast
1.5 dl grated cheese
14–17 dl wheat flour
0.5 dl oil

Mix all of the ingredients in a food processor for ten minutes. Let the dough rest for 20 minutes.