Tradesmen brought coffee from Ethiopia to the North. Today, this aromatic and refreshing beverage is an integral part of festive occasions in Finland. The reason is clear: coffee goes well with savoury as well as sweet delicacies. Tea lovers have plenty to choose from as well. Brewed tea adds a sophisticated touch to any special occasion. The tips below will help you make a sufficient amount of coffee and tea for your festive table. You will be able to enjoy the occasion without worry.

Dosage of coffee and tea

Dose the ground coffee in the coffee maker with a coffee measure: one measure per cup (1.25 dl). Do not use the same pot for coffee and tea, so that the tastes will not mix. Make 2–3 cups of tea or coffee per person.

Water                 Ground coffee  Coffee
1 litre   1.5 dl   Approx. 8 cups
2 litres 3 dl  Approx. 16 cups
4 litres     6 dl    Approx. 33 cups
1 litre 0.25 dl leaf tea/5 teabags   Approx. 5 cups

Remember to reserve a sufficient amount of milk, cream, sugar, honey and sweetener for the table. For ten people:

  • 250 g sugar
  • 2 dl milk
  • 2 dl cream
  • Sweetener and honey