Some combinations work perfectly. This also applies to food and wine. A carefully selected wine can bring an entirely new level of enjoyment of food. 

Head Chef Mika and Head Waiter Vesa know how to create perfect combinations. 

All combinations aim to create a harmony of tastes. The basic rules are easy:

• Light wine for light food
• Rich wine for heavy food
• Medium dry and fruity wine for spicy food
• Acidic wine for acidic food

Local food and wine are a tried and tested combination that always works. For example, dessert wines from Tuscany work well with tiramisu. Also give complete opposites a try, such as a sweet wine with a salty cheese.

Combinations worth tasting

Some tastes complement one another particularly well. These include fresh asparagus and a sauvignon blanc with slight currant nuances. Fino sherry works perfectly with antipasto that contains nuts, particularly pecans and walnuts. Its slightly oxidised taste wonderfully highlights the aroma of nuts.

Taste combinations by Head Waiter Vesa

• Freshly salted salmon with a dry white wine
• Blue mussels braised in white wine with a dry Muscadet
• Truffle risotto with a Barolo red wine
• Lamb chops or racks with a Lebanese or Greek wine
• Fresh strawberries and rhubarb granita with a high-quality Moscato dessert wine
• Dark chocolate with a hint of blue cheese with cherry compote and a sweet dessert wine

You should avoid combining certain foods and wine. For example, foods containing yolk do not go with wine.

You can also build your entire menu around a single wine.

Because of their acidity and structure of flavours, sparkling wine and champagne work well with many foods. Dry rosé champagnes have many uses.

Create bold combinations!

Head Waiter Vesa Väänänen of the Amica restaurant at OP-Pohjola encourages people to taste wines at their kitchens. “Creating taste combinations is not snobbery. The purpose is to create taste sensations for diners. The head chefs and hospitality chefs put all their effort into planning, tasting and implementing menus. A wrong choice of wine could easily ruin all the work they have done,” Vesa points out. “The same applies to kitchens at home. Food made with love deserves the perfect partner.”

The tips on combining food and wine were provided by Head Waiter Vesa Väänänen and Head Chef Mika Pesonen of the Amica restaurant at OP-Pohjola.