Good meat tastes divine: the perfect steak that has been done just right, a traditional hot pot made by grandmother with love, or meatballs made using the secret family recipe. We do not need to eat meat daily – but when we have meat, we should choose high-quality ingredients and prepare the meat properly. With tips from our chef Karri, you cannot fail!

The quality of meat affects how it should be prepared. Ask your butcher for tips on which parts of the carcass work best for various dishes. The more inexpensive parts at the front of the carcass are best suited for boiling and stewing. The more tender meat at the back of the carcass is ideal for roasts and steaks. One serving of meat is:

  • Minced meat 75–125 g
  • Steaks 125–200 g
  • Meat with bones 125–200 g
  • Boneless meat 75–100 g

Remember hygiene when preparing meat – keep raw meat apart from other products, use separate utensils for the meat and make sure that the cold chain is not broken. Remember to wash your hands!

Prepare and season meat appropriately

Bring the meat to room temperature at least one hour before cooking. Dry it with kitchen paper and clean if necessary. If you are going to boil the meat, rinse it quickly in cold water. Meat is cooked with bones. You can remove extra fat before cooking if you want to. Also remove the membranes from the meat, and pound steaks lightly. Meat should always be cut across the grain.

You can cook meat by stewing, grilling, frying or baking, or over an open fire – your imagination is the only limit. You can add taste by marinating the meat in a mixture of oil and herbs, in teriyaki sauce or in a barbecue marinade. Be innovative and try different ideas! Search our recipes for tips. Often, less is more: high-quality meat is at its best when seasoned with just a pinch of salt and pepper.

Cooking times for meat

Cooking times depend on the quality and size of the meat and on the recipe and preparation method. Beef should not be cooked thoroughly – but poultry, minced meat and pork should. Indicative cooking times:

  • Steak 6–8 minutes
  • Chop 8–12 minutes
  • Beef sirloin 20–30 minutes per kilo
  • Grilled ribs 40–50 minutes
  • Entire chicken 50–60 minutes
  • Chicken pieces 30 minutes

Feeling hungry? Explore our recipes for more tips. Just heat your steak pan and enjoy!