Waitress Leila Kangasvieri is not seasick, even though her workplace is swaying under her feet. She makes coffee in the small kitchen of the dining hall of the ship and serves freshly baked doughnuts, shrimp sandwiches and other seafood delicacies to passengers.

MS Jenny sails from Kokkola to the Tankari lighthouse islands, taking tourists and parties to enjoy a summer day on the rocky island in the outer archipelago. It also serves as a catering restaurant in the summer. Café Jenny serves passengers on the lower deck, run by the Amica restaurant of the Kokkola Town Hall. The unique working environment presents challenges.  

The small kitchen accommodates only one person at a time, meaning that the catering cannot be prepared on-site.

 All of the appliances in the kitchen, from the coffee maker to the dishwasher, are firmly attached to the walls. The employees have completed a deckhand course, which taught them rescue swimmer skills as well as ship steering under exceptional circumstances. To be able to work here, you need to have a certain maritime spirit,” says Tuija Niemi, restaurant group manager.

In regular service, the café serves salads, sandwiches and snacks. In private functions, a buffet table is set in the great saloon. In the summer, MS Jenny is a popular venue for wedding parties and corporate events. Its great saloon seats 70 people. On the sun deck, passengers can enjoy the sun and sea breeze.