Located in Tourula in Jyväskylä, in the unique facilities of a neoclassical rifle factory, Aimo is a popular lunch restaurant on weekdays. In the evenings, it serves companies and other meeting and catering service customers. Its employees are lauded for their genuine commitment to good customer service by colleagues and customers alike.

The good atmosphere at Aimo is immediately apparent at the entrance. The customers are enjoying themselves, and the energetic employees make sure that everything runs smoothly. The delicious lunches at Aimo attract customers even from the other side of the town.

The employees believe in the power of good service and tasty food.

“Fluency and functionality are the most important aspects of customer service and catering work. The lunch break is short, and people don’t want to waste time standing in a queue. We want to offer our customers an opportunity to take an enjoyable break from the hustle and bustle of work during lunch and coffee breaks. We may be busy, but everything must run smoothly and the atmosphere must be positive in the restaurant,” says Marjukka Hujanen, restaurant manager.

Hujanen, cashier-waiter Jaana Niskanen and chef Jaakko Uski stress the importance of customer encounters. “Each customer must be treated as an individual, even during short encounters. Jaana has received positive feedback for her habit of wishing every customer an enjoyable meal,” says Marjukka.

The inventive employees of restaurant Aimo have come up with many ideas to improve their daily work. Hujanen and her team won the 2013 Ideasmith of the Year award. The award is granted to employees who actively submit ideas to the Idea Pot, the online suggestion box at Fazer Food Services. According to Marjukka, all new ideas are welcome at the restaurant, and the best ones are put into practice in daily work. This encourages everyone to generate ideas and improve operations.

The guest book by the entrance makes for nice reading: customers thank the restaurant for good food and friendly service. Marjukka stresses that all feedback is important, and development ideas are embraced – and actually implemented.

“In addition to an inspiring workplace community and nice colleagues, customers are one of the best aspects of Aimo.”