Runeberginkatu 14-16, 00100 Helsinki 040 353 8005
Open: Mon-Thu clock 7:45-17:00, Fri clock 7:45-16:30; Lunch Mon-Thu clock 10:30-16:15, Fri clock 10:30-15:30
Restaurant Rafla is the student restaurant of the Aalto University School of Economics located on Runeberginkatu 14–16 in Helsinki. Our restaurant is subsidised by Kela. Students can get the student discount by presenting a valid student ID. Speed up your visit at the checkout by purchasing lunch vouchers or paying with even money. When you buy 10 lunch vouchers, you will get a Take Away coffee or tea for free!
Contact information
  • Rafla
  • Runeberginkatu 14-16
  • 00100 Helsinki
  • rafla@amica.fi
  • 040 353 8005