The modern Café Oskar is located in the Tritonia science library at the University of Vaasa. Café Oskar serves the students and the personnel of the Universities of Vaasa. We welcome everyone who works or does business in the area.

Start your day with a french breakfast at Café Oskar. The breakfast containes fresh-baked croissant, orange marmelade as well as coffee and juice.

Drop in for coffee
In our restaurant, you can also enjoy some refreshing coffee, tea or hot chocolate with a sweet or savoury pastry. In addition, we offer snack products, such as sandwiches, rolls, yoghurt and fruit, for those feeling peckish. You can also get soft drinks, ice cream and sweets from us.

On Wednesdays we offer freshly baked waffles at 2 p.m. - 4 p.m.. The waffles can be enjoyed either with sweet or savory fillings.

See you in Café Oskar!