Street food prepared by chefs Lunch couldn't be more delicious!

As an appetizer, we offer all our lunch guests a delicious treat, an amuse-bouche. At the same time, you can observe how your own meal is being prepared and learn more about Street Gourmet from the chef himself.
The chefs of Amica restaurants have prepared the Street Gourmet menu using high-quality ingredients and combining a fascinating symphony of tastes. The dishes are served on plates. Welcome to a Street Gourmet lunch!

Street Gourmet lunch at Amica restaurants

Amuse-bouche grain crispbread, wakame salad and ginger mayonnaise. The chef's comments: “Familiar, Finnish grain crispbread gets a kick from a Japanese classic, slightly vinegary wakame salad and mayonnaise seasoned with ginger. Yummy!”

Rye bread buttons, beetroot and horseradish mayonnaise The chef's comments: “Traditional, crispy rye bread buttons and oven-roasted beetroot are refreshed by horseradish. A delight for your tastebuds!”
Roasted side pork, coleslaw salad, roasted potatoes and South Karelian style vegetables topped with a balsamic vinegar sauce. The chef's comments: “Side pork that has been roasted so soft that it melts in your mouth gets a juicy side dish from an American classic, fresh coleslaw. The best traditional oven-cooked root vegetables of the season complement the taste sensation.”

Pork chops roasted in sesame, soy mayonnaise, potato wedges, bell pepper and onion side dish The chef's comments: “Familiar pork chops has been seasoned with sesame oil and seeds. An Eastern style soy mayonnaise is served as a sauce. Traditional potato wedges get a touch of sour extra flavour from a roasted bell pepper and onion side dish. This is worth trying!”

Pulled chicken hot dog The chef's comments “A hot dog bun can, for a change, be filled with trendy pulled chicken that has been roasted soft and is seasoned with oyster sauce and spring onion. Serve this dish to kids at home, too!”

Nutty scallop wok The chef's comments: “In addition to noodles, carrot and cabbage slices as well as tasty scallops are cooked in a wok pan on a barbecue grill. The hot chilli and lime sauce warms you up nicely on the cold autumn days.”

Smoked salmon hamburger The chef's comments: “You can also use Reissumies rye bread to make a hamburger. The filling consists of warm smoked salmon, dill mayonnaise and granny's pickles. The rye burger rocks!”

Note: The Street Gourmet dishes available vary by restaurant. Not all options are available in all of our restaurants.

Did you know? There are approximately 900 dedicated chefs working at Amica restaurants, and they prepare more than 100,000 meals every day. They make delicious food in day-care centres, schools, universities and staff restaurants. In addition, they conjure up meals for entertainment events. Their handiwork is also visible in seasonal banquet catering and takeaway foods.