It’s nearly four in the afternoon. You still need to write several emails and finalise a presentation. You must pick up the children and make the family something to eat. Oh, and you need groceries. The shop is full of parents in a hurry. Sigh.

Do you run between work, the grocery shop and the nursery school?

These tips can work wonders and give you more time

  • Plan your menus for a week at a time, and go shopping for groceries once or twice a week. More careful planning will save you time and money. Daily visits to the grocery shop are more likely to lead to impulse shopping. Fewer visits to the shop mean more time for your family – or cooking.
  • Prepare a larger amount at a time and put some of it in the freezer. You will have easy meals when you come home from work hungry. Casseroles and stews are ideal for freezing.
  • Perhaps you could have a little snack with the family when you come home, before you start preparing a meal? Everyone is starved when they come home, and food should be available right away. If you have a snack, you can cook together a little later. When you do not have much time, “one-pot foods” – soups, stews, risottos and oven-baked dishes – are a good idea. They save time and are easy to cook.
  • In the evening, take a moment to prepare food for the following day. If you choose to make an oven-baked dish, you can bake it during your evening routines. You can also peel potatoes for the following day and put them in a container filled with water in the fridge. The water should cover the potatoes. Close the lid, and the potatoes will not turn darker overnight. Explore our recipe bank for easy oven-baked dishes. [link to recipes]
  • Forget about queuing and cooking! Save time and buy takeaway at an Amica restaurant. Amica Take Away foods are delicious and well-balanced, prepared by our chefs. They will make your life easier and give you more time. We also offer delicacies for all of your special occasions. Explore our selection and save time! [link]


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