A proper lunch is, first of all, delicious. With us, you can be assured of that.

At Amica restaurants, we believe that a proper lunch is made with the highest quality ingredients. A significant part of the ingredients we use are Finnish. At least 80% of our meat and meat products are always Finnish. Our fresh beef, pork and poultry are 100% Finnish.

Everyone can build their own lunch that fits their taste and their situation. We have a large salad table and varied, trendy main courses, as well as freshly baked bread and fresh drinks.

Proper lunches are made according to nutritional recommendations so as to contain a suitable amount of good fats, protein and fibre, and not too much salt.

Chefs and cooks prepare seasonal food so that we can also enjoy the season when dining. In addition, our restaurants prepare more delicious vegetarian dishes than ever using recipes developed by our team of Nordic chefs.