In honour of the 40th anniversary of Fazer Food Services, we are offering everyone a celebratory cake with their lunch 12.5.

Our new cake is inspired by our popular cake recipe from the 1970s. True to the style of the time, it had a pie base covered with a delightfully thick strawberry mousse made with cream cheese.  Paying homage to the old recipe, our confectioner Piia and our former product development manager Ulla together developed a new cake for this celebration that has, layer on layer, the past and the present.

The base of the cake is an updated version of the 1970s pie base, to which have been added not only smetana but also Finnish strawberries and much-loved rhubarb.  This is topped off with a spring fresh layer of strawberry mousse flavoured with cream cheese. And how does it taste? Heavenly! 

Please join us and enjoy a slice of history in the form of a cake!