It's not bad being at work during the summer! While the majority of Finland is on holiday, you'll have a great opportunity to catch up on chores and work that you've had to put off until later during the busy winter and spring. It's so much better to concentrate on future plans when the phone is not ringing off the hook all day long and when even the constant tide of emails starts to ebb.

Many restaurants close their doors for the slowest summer months. Amica restaurants, however, offer tasty lunch breaks for people working during the summer in more than 400 restaurants across the country. Our summer lunch menus are composed of the best Finnish summer delicacies that impart the wonderful flavours of fresh, domestic vegetables and other seasonal ingredients.

"Finnish ingredients are at their best in the summer, when nature indulges us with its amazing, authentic tastes. This is why we've selected some of the favourite summer delicacies of Finnish people and included them on the summer lunch menus of Amica restaurants – herb-marinated new potatoes, smoked salmon salad, pan-fried vendace, Baltic herring, glassblower’s herring and a rich variety of seasonal vegetables. The dessert table is laden with the season's domestic berries and rhubarb," says Director of Gastronomy and Food Development Marianne Nordblom.

There are few things as refreshing as having lunch outdoors on a beautiful summer day! Buy your lunch to go, and enjoy a sunny lunch break in a nearby park, perhaps, or by the shoreline.

Takeaway meals from Amica restaurants provide quick, convenient solutions even after the working day – serve them as a family meal at home or at your summer place during the weekend. A salad featuring new potatoes or our home-made coleslaw is a complement to grilled food. Our Takeaway selection also includes summery pastries and desserts to sweeten up weekends at the summer place or the summer's parties and festivities. Carry summery greetings with you in the form of strawberry and lime cake, rhubarb and berry Swiss roll, vanilla and cardamom-filled Chelsea buns, or profiteroles that melt in your mouth.

Find your nearest Amica restaurant through our restaurant search and enjoy the summer!