Tieto and Fazer Food Services will organize a 48-hour hackathon on February 4-5, 2016. The aim is to add digital flavours to the lunch experience at the Aalto University campus in Otaniemi, Espoo, Finland and, at the same time, to develop the lunch services of the future.

The teams participating in the CXHack Fazer event are challenged to create a superior digital experience to enhance the physical experience at Fazer Food Services' restaurants. The goal is to innovate simple services and applications to support the everyday customer service and experience.

"At the hackathon, we will offer participants a unique opportunity to familiarise themselves first-hand with our business development and innovation. At the same time, they can directly contribute to developing new services for the students of the Aalto campus", says Simon Panelius, Vice President Operational Development at Fazer Food Services restaurant operations.

"Our goal is to create the next generation lunch experience by combining digital technology with physical assets of food, service and milieu. Digital services can be related, for example, to reducing waiting times, choosing the right nutrients, purchasing take-away products, sharing the meal experience with friends, assisting customers with food preparation, interacting with our personnel or simply selecting the meals for the day. But the experience should be simple and convenient”, he says.

The engine for the hackathon is Tieto’s start-up that focuses on digital customer experience management. Its Tieto Experience Hub (X Hub) concept utilises new and innovative business development methods, of which hackathon is one good example.

"Our Tieto Experience Hub concept focuses on creating new innovative business ideas, models and methods together with customers and partners. The core of the concept is colliding various conceptual and operational models from different sectors, finding the “sweet spots” and new, even surprising, business models at the intersections. A hackathon serves as a good platform to efficiently provide multiple viable solutions to a concrete challenge”, says Mikko Leinonen, head of Tieto's Customer Experience Management (CEM) start-up.

Tieto is actively looking for new and innovative means to promote digitalization. End of 2015, Tieto's two start-ups participated in Europe's largest hackathon, Ultrahack. Tieto believes that hackathons are a good way to accelerate innovation and create new digital services for customers and their customers.

Join the Fazer hackathon!
The CXHack Fazer event takes place over 48 hours on February 4-5, 2016. It is arranged in collaboration with Aalto University Campus & Real Estate, with Aalto campus in Otaniemi, Espoo, serving as location. Those interested in developing the lunch experience of the future can sign up for the CXHack Fazer event online at www.tieto.com/cxhackfazer. Additional information on the event, as well as results after the event, is available at the same address.

The hackathon can be followed on Twitter: #TietoXHub #cxhackFazer

For further information, please contact:

Mikko Leinonen, Head of Customer Experience Management, Tieto, mikko.leinonen@tieto.com,
+358 40 5967 726, Twitter: @mikko_leinonen

Ksenia Avetisova, Lead CX Consultant, Customer Experience Management, Tieto, ksenia.avetisova@tieto.com,+358 46 8114 913, Twitter: @LisaGri

Simon Panelius, Vice President Operational Development, Fazer Food Services, simon.panelius@fazer.com, +358 40 5607 584