Fazer Food Services prepares food using Finnish ingredients, produced responsibly in Finland. We consider it particularly important that the origin of the ingredients can be traced and that they are produced in safe conditions.

Responsible, controlled chicken farming

Our Finnish chickens are responsibly reared in good conditions, and without antibiotics. Our chicken meat originates e.g. from the Toukola, Parvela and Mäkijärvi family farms in the Pirkanmaa region.

Potatoes from family farms with a long history

We offer high-quality Finnish potatoes grown on family farms in the traditional farmland of the Pohjanmaa region. In this way, we can ensure that our fresh potatoes are safe and that they are produced in a responsible and environmentally sound manner.

Highly traceable pea cultivation

Our Finnish peas originate from responsibly managed family farms in the Satakunta region. We believe that it is important that our ingredients are highly traceable and safe, and that they comply with the principles of sustainable development.

Fazer’s sourcing is based on quality throughout the supply chain, ensured in co-operation with our carefully selected suppliers.