Lahti will host its all-time seventh FIS Nordic World Ski Championships in 2017. Fazer is the official national supplier of bakery products, confectionery and VIP catering. The recent Olympic gold medal winner Fazer Culinary Team is responsible for planning and creating the taste sensations for the VIP service.

The Lahti2017 World Ski Championships will take place from 22 February to 5 March 2017 at the legendary Lahti Sports Centre in Salpausselkä, the same place as six times before. This will be one of the events celebrating Finland’s 100th anniversary. Also Fazer is an official Finland 100 partner.

Fazer is one of the national official suppliers to the World Ski Championships. Fazer will be responsible for VIP catering during the event and, in addition, Fazer’s bakery and confectionery products will be available in the area. Fazer Food Services, responsible for VIP catering during the event, has created tailor-made food concepts for the event; taste sensations ranging from rustic to quality fine dining are to be expected.

ʻWe want to offer our guests experiences and food with a Nordic twist, with Finland’s nature and its offerings strongly presented. Some of the raw materials were picked last summer, such as the chantarelles, meadowsweet flowers and berries. The World Championships offer a great forum for promoting the Finnish food culture and our professional skills,ʼ says Director Marianne Nordblom from Fazer Food Services. The team responsible for the VIP catering, Fazer Culinary Team Finland, won gold in the Catering series of the Erfurt Culinary Olympics held 21 - 26 October 2016. The Culinary Olympics are held every four years and they are the largest culinary competition in the world. This time, twenty teams from all over the world took part in the Catering series.

ʻWe are working on making next year’s World Championships the best experience of the winter, and food is an essential part of it. Fazer’s renowned professional skills in catering and their well-known quality bakery and confectionery products guarantee that the food at the World Championships will hold up even under tough international comparison,ʼ says Petra Riissanen, Restaurant and Hospitality Manager for Lahti2017.

Fazer celebrated its 125th anniversary this year and the company has a strong presence in Lahti. Fazer’s mill and one of its biggest bakeries are located in Lahti. In addition, Fazer Food Services runs several restaurants in Lahti. All in all, Fazer employs some 570 people in Lahti.
ʻLahti is an important city to us. It is natural and pleasant that we should be part of the Lahti2017 games with our products. Fazer’s rye bread is baked in our Lahti bakery from Finnish rye flour ground at our own mill,ʼ says Markus Hellström, Managing Director of Fazer Bakery Finland.

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