Do you get hungry before lunch? Do you feel tired in the afternoon?

Food trends, diets and nutritional recommendations come and go, much like fashion. One fact remains: you will have more energy if you eat four to six times per day. By eating reasonable portions at regular intervals, you will also avoid hunger peaks and indigestion.

Does coffee keep you going at work? Do you have lunch at the computer?

It is difficult to get through the day without regular meal and snack breaks. Lunch does not necessarily need to be a warm meal. A well-balanced diet is more important, as is enjoying food – preferably in good company. The example plate will help you eat a healthy lunch: to get sufficient fibre and energy, vegetables should cover half of your plate.

Studies show that people who have lunch at staff restaurants eat more healthily. When you make healthy choices during the workday, you are more likely to make them in your free time as well. In other words, it matters where you have your lunch!

Do you feel annoyed in the evening? Do you have an urge to eat everything in your fridge?

Meals missed during the day will make you feel angry in the evening. You will crave for sweets or overeat. If you feel ravenously hungry in the evening or tend to binge, the energy content of the food you had during the day was too low. It means that you should eat more regularly.

Five tips for a more energetic workday
  • Eat sufficiently small portions every three or four hours.
  • Do not skip lunch! It is important to eat during the workday to keep your energy high. 
  • Fill half of your plate with salad or vegetables and the other half with the main course. 
  • Moderation is key. Otherwise, your stomach and eyes will get used to big portions. Your stomach is only the size of your fist and wrist.
  • Enjoy your lunch in good company. It will make you feel relaxed and double the pleasure.