Finland celebrates her centenary. In honor of the centenary, Fazer Culinary Team's chefs have created the Suomi 100 menu. In our celebration menu traditional and fresh flavors will be presented with a modern twist.


Suomi 100 menu by Fazer Culinary Team

Smoked perch, baked cauliflower, marinated red onion and malted bread
Vorschmack, potato pancakes, beetroot, cucumber and smetana
Fresh cured whitefish
Chanterelle pickles
Swede and rye grain salad
Green salad and lingonberry vinaigrette
Slow-cooked beef, dill sauce
Roasted root vegetables
Whipped semolina pudding with lingonberries and oat and white chocolate crumble


Ask more about the Suomi 100 menu from our restaurants. You can also find it along the other delicious celebration menus from the Welcome to the party e-broschure.