Skip the queue at the grocery shop? Yes, please!

Weekday nights are busy in most families with children. Our family is no exception. When we come home after picking up the children from school and nursery school, we are starving. If I have not had time to prepare anything for the fridge on the previous day, I have to cook something in a hurry for the boys, as they are so hungry that it makes them angry. I must also find the time to go to the grocery shop.

I want my children to have a well-balanced diet of home-cooked food. For this reason, I was very enthusiastic about trying the Kitchen shop at the Amica restaurant in Kannelmäki. I immediately liked the concept: a pleasant self-service point with no queues, with a diverse daily selection of foods prepared by chefs, in sensible servings. No walking around and queuing at the grocery shop. No cooking in a rush. All you need to do is heat the meals and enjoy.

Spinach pancakes are our family favourite. We also love beetroot-buckwheat patties and Chicken Kiev with creamy potatoes. Children are honest, and they know what good food tastes like. Our four-year-old son Leo said that the food from the Kitchen shop is so good that it must have been cooked at someone’s home. Yes, it tastes like home-cooked food. Made by chefs.