Snacking culture has never been bigger, better or healthier. More and more of us are ditching unhealthy options in favour of delicious and nutritious snacks to satisfy our hunger needs. 

Whether it’s a silky yoghurt sprinkled with crunchy nuts and muesli, a super smoothie with fruit and veggies, or a bowl of freshly made oat porridge, the healthy snack list is full of delicious choices. Restaurants like Amica have been quick to follow this megatrend and offer customers a wide range of tastes as mini meals throughout the day. Let’s take a look at the trendy treats on offer.

What’s hot?

Some snackers are looking for something quick and easy that they can eat on the go or during a work meeting. With many of us skipping breakfast, a fruit and berry smoothie blend is a popular way for Amica customers to kick start their day. Naturally sweet and packed with essential vitamins and minerals, these flavours are the perfect way to get you into gear whether you are dashing to your next meeting, or jumping in the car to make it to your gym session or pick up time at daycare. Tasty cereal bars are the natural choice to accompany your smoothie on the move and they give you some of those great proteins from nuts and seeds.

With longer workdays and busy social calendars it can be easy to forget to eat or miss a meal. If you can spare some time to share a snack with a friend or colleague, dips are always on the menu.

How about trying fresh vegetables that you can cover generously with handmade hummus made with chickpeas or crunchy carrots. If you fancy something a bit less savory, swap the veggies for fantastic fruits and sublime yoghurt. They’re both fun and friendly snacks that your body will thank you for.

Social snacking

Snacking shouldn’t just be about filling a hole or energising you back to your best. It’s also a time to relax, take a break and enjoy some time and tastes with others. Next time you get the chance, why not join the raw cake revolution and share a sensational banoffee pie with natural sweetener with a friend.

“Eating healthy snacks during the day provides the body with much needed energy, fiber, protein, as well as other important nutrients to stop you from becoming hungry again. During long meetings at work it is recommended to stretch your legs and eat some healthy snacks to keep you awake and thinking clearly,”says Leila Fogelholm, nutrition specialist at Fazer Food Services.

Flavor is everything for the modern snacker and trying new flavors brings excitement and variety to fill the gaps between meals.